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Houser Audio's critical audio assessments allow us to provide highly reliable sound solutions whether in venues with poor sound conduit or in pitch perfect facilities.

Houser Audio designs custom audio/visual solutions including overall space design and planning and installation of equipment. Custom design styles include complete audio/visual system integration for event venues, high tech special purpose rooms, classrooms, and corporate theaters; indoor/outdoor intercom systems; "invisible" acoustic treatment for commercial/corporate theaters, symphonic halls, churches/cathedrals, restaurants, gymnasiums, and multipurpose spaces. Design sizes range from small professional studios to indoor/outdoor stadium-sized venues and temporary venues.

Our broad partner network allows us to provide immediate solutions and fulfill comprehensive responses to clients and RFP's in virtually any area across the nation. Let Houser Audio design a Custom Sound System ideal for your venue or space!

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Houser Audio also offers audio/visual maintenance agreements and fixed asset management.

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