Think about your most recent dining experience. Did music filter throughout from the front door to outdoor seating--and even to the restrooms? Did the music improve your mood or did it make it difficult to hold a conversation? Was the crowd noise maintained or did it become overbearing as the crowd grew?

The proper audio design and acoustic treatment enhance the ambiance of a space by maintaining appropriate sound levels while allowing for multiple conversations and/or activities. Even with music backdrop. Even in a room filled to maximum capacity. Whether a fine dining restaurant or a sports bar.
Good sound enhances every space!

Houser Audio provides System Designs and Installations for new and existing spaces of all sizes. Contact Houser Audio at 888-263-1114 or email with questions.


Small enough for minimal manpower yet powerful enough for a crowd of 500+, K Array is one of the most powerful inconspicuous speaker systems available.

K Array is this month's Featured Product! K Array is ideal for limited spaces that won't allow for the usual, large concert-sized amplifiers and stacked speakers. K Array is also great for events that require clean sight lines with minimal visual interference.

Houser Audio has used K Array during Wawa's Welcome America Celebration for live performances of Peter Nero and the Philly Pops at Independence Hall! Find out if K Array is a fit for your event!

K Array is especially suited for:

  • Weddings and Formal Parties
  • Cinema Nights Under the Stars
  • Outdoor Tent Events
  • Orchestral sound reinforcement
  • Acoustic music performances
  • Inconspicuous amplification

Call Houser Audio with questions or for more information at 888-263-1114 or email


Did you know that DPA is the only microphone officially recognized by the Stradivarius foundation for the violin? Be sure to rent a DPA Microphone for your next violin performance.

Call Houser Audio with questions or for more information at 888-263-1114 or email


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